What is an Instructional Designer?

Similar Job Titles:

Digital Content Producer, Training Specialist, eLearning Developer

Instructional Designers analyze learning needs, design effective educational programs, and develop engaging learning materials. They contribute to enhancing learning initiatives, supporting knowledge retention, and achieving performance goals. 

What does an Instructional Designer do, typically?

Develops Curriculum

Instructional Designers create and develop comprehensive curricula and instructional materials tailored to meet learning objectives and accommodate various learning styles.

Creates Content

Instructional Designers design engaging and interactive learning content, including multimedia presentations, simulations, and e-learning modules, utilizing instructional design best practices.

Integrate Technology

Instructional Designers leverage instructional technology and multimedia tools to enhance learning experiences and improve learner engagement.

An Instructional Designer is not:

A Training Specialist

Training Specialists develop and deliver training programs. Their main role is delivering content to learners, which is a more specific focus than an Instructional Designer’s broader design and development role.

A Performance Improvement Specialist

A Performance Improvement Specialist focuses on improving individual and organizational performance through various interventions, including but not limited to training. They analyze performance problems and recommend solutions, which may involve training developed by Instructional Designers but also encompass broader organizational changes.

Important Metrics for an Instructional Designer

Instructional Designers are commonly evaluated based on a mix of topics that capture the effectiveness and impact of their work. Simplified, standard metrics cover:

  • Learning Outcome Achievement
  • Learner Engagement and Satisfaction
  • ROI of Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Project Management Efficiency

Instructional Designer Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for an Instructional Designer:

  • 25th Percentile $59.5K
  • Average $76.8K
  • 75th Percentile $86.5K

Instructional Designer Job Description

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As an Instructional Designer at <Company XXX>, you’ll get to showcase your expertise by analyzing learning requirements, designing curriculum, and developing instructional materials that enhance knowledge retention and application.

More specifically, you’ll get to:

  • Conduct assessments to determine organizational learning needs and identify educational objectives.
  • Design and structure curriculum and instructional materials that align with learning objectives and educational standards.
  • Create engaging learning materials in various formats, including e-learning modules, video tutorials, simulations, and interactive exercises.
  • Apply instructional design theories and practices to develop effective teaching strategies that cater to diverse learning styles and needs.
  • Utilize the latest educational technologies and learning management systems to enhance the learning experience.
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