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Marketing Director

What is a Marketing Director?

Similar Job Titles:

Director of Marketing

Underneath the VP of Marketing is the Marketing Director. This individual will report to the Vp, of Marketing or CMO depending on the size of the company. This individual will provide leadership to the marketing department by ensuring team members are executing the marketing strategy.

What does a Marketing Director do, typically?

  • Oversee the  implementation of the marketing strategy including campaigns, digital marketing activities, various events, social media, and Public Relations
  • Collaborate with executive leadership to determine yearly marketing goals
  • Review marketing metrics for each campaign performed and offer solutions for improvement 
  • Ensure marketing campaigns are within budget and meet specific deadlines

Here’s more information about what these leaders do:

Strategize and oversee implementation of company branding & marketing campaigns

Branding and the creation of marketing campaigns are multi-platform enterprises. Marketing directors are the professionals in charge of ensuring a common message is communicated across every platform. Marketing directors strategize effective marketing campaigns, ensure that the branding and messaging target ideal customers, and that every marketing project comes in on time and under budget.

Analyze marketplace trends

To build a successful marketing strategy, marketing directors have to know what the latest trends are in the sector where they are planning to present their product or service. They must have an eye for trends and take time to perform market analysis and research. To understand the data gathered from marketplace research, marketing directors need to have a solid understanding of analytics and data.

Lead & supervise a marketing department

Marketing directors are generally in charge of a group of marketing managers. So, they need to be comfortable with delegating responsibility.  Assigning responsibilities to other members of their team allows them to concentrate on crafting marketing strategies that increase the company’s revenue and profit margins.

Utilize their interpersonal and leadership skills

Great marketing directors work well with all different kinds of personalities – they’re very effective communicators. And, they must have the ability to collect a consensus from a group whether that group is their team, stakeholders, clients, or vendors.

Marketing Directors are not Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are usually in charge of a single line or brand while the marketing director oversees all of the product lines and/or brands. And, the focus of the marketing manager is on day-to-day marketing efforts, while the focus of the marketing director is on strategic marketing, or, “the big picture.”

Important metrics for a Marketing Director

  • Revenue
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • The average length of the sale
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Marketing Director Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for a Marketing Director:

  • 25th Percentile $128.1K
  • Average $153.4K
  • 75th Percentile $17.1K

Marketing Director Job Description

Copy the text below and paste it into your own job description, or, into our FREE downloadable template in the section that looks like this: <INSERT JOB DESCRIPTION COPY FROM BLOG POST HERE>

As a Marketing Director at <Company XXX>, you’ll get to do more than lead a team of marketing managers. You’ll showcase your expertise in developing strategic marketing campaigns and company branding. More specifically, you’ll get to:

  • Develop a marketing strategy for new and existing products and services
  • Oversee the implementation of the Marketing strategy – including campaigns, social media, PR, events, etc.
  • Guide the day to day activities of the marketing team
  • Develop marketing and sales forecasting and product/service branding plans
  • Establish and grow a target market share
  • Lead customer, brand and product research initiatives
  • Manage and mentor a marketing team, including hiring, training, workloads, schedules, and deadlines
  • Work with external partners to negotiate contracts
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