What is a Web Developer?

Similar Job Titles:

Front-End Developer, Jr. Developer

In basic terms, a Web Developer is responsible for building and maintaining websites that are resilient and functional. Web Developers build websites from the ground up, and a good web designer will know how to create a website that strikes the right balance of usability from a beginner to an advanced user.

For example, a website should be easy enough for a beginner to navigate but complex enough to where it still appeals to an advanced user, therefore attracting a large audience to the website.

What does a Web Developer do, typically?

Web development can typically be divided into three parts:

Client-side scripting

Front-end code that determines what a client or user sees when they come to a website.

Server-side scripting

Back-end code that supports the mechanics of how a website should function.

Database technology

Using languages like SQL (particularly for search tools on a website) so the user can pull the information they need from a website smoothly and efficiently.

Web development is not:

Web design

Web designers are more focused on the aesthetics of a website. Where Web Developers use programming languages to ensure the functionality of a website, web designers use programs like Adobe Creative Suite to ensure the layout and visual elements of a site look smooth. See the full description for a web designer roles here<<link>>

UI development

UI Developers have a very specific skill set, whereas Web Developers are much more broad in their skills and responsibilities. UI developers are targeted to work on both the design and functionality of interfaces. See our full description for UI developer roles here<<link>>

Important metrics for a Web Developer

  • Lines of code
  • Ticket volume
  • Code quality
  • Test coverage

Web Developer Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for a Web Developer:

  • 25th Percentile $111.3K
  • Average $119.5K
  • 75th Percentile $127K
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Web Developer Job Description

Bonus copy for your Web Developer job description or job ad!

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As a Web Developer at <company XXX>, you will get to exercise your expertise in all aspects of web development while also working cohesively within product and website teams. More specifically, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Using HTML to achieve graphical and functional effects on web pages
  • Using Javascript to make web pages interactive
  • Using open-source programming languages such as PHP, ASP, Java or C++
  • Accessing databases with MySQL to manage online content
  • Having strong time and project management skills to work efficiently alongside web designers, UI developers and other team members
  • Promoting good communication between the front- and back-end web design process to avoid any costly delays and achieve digital business goals
  • See the website development process from end-to-end to ensure a quality, functional final product
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