6 Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies have proven their worth. With almost $90 billion in annual revenue, the staffing industry employs about 3 million workers daily. These companies play an important role in meeting the growing demand for skilled, qualified employees in the U.S.

Thinking about using a staffing service?

Here Are 6 Advantages of Using a Staffing Company.

Staffing agencies benefit businesses by saving them:

  • Time by reviewing hundreds of resumes, qualifying candidates, performing background checks, etc.
  • Money by completing the work the client would have had to pay an in-house employee to perform. They also execute it in less time and with better results.
  • From the hassles of handling contractor payroll taxes, workers comp, and unemployment benefits.
  • From competing tasks that in-house hiring managers face daily. Using a specialized staffing agency generates better candidates and placements for your team.

Other advantages of using a staffing agency:

  • Employers can adjust their workforce to evolving business demands. Companies depend on staffing services to provide talented workers who can meet a wide range of needs. Often, these workers become essential, permanent employees.
  • Staffing agencies have a broad network of candidates and connections. Staffing services have a pipeline of qualified candidates. And they have a further reach into the community of passive candidates.

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Q & A Recap

Q: Couldn’t I have my HR representative handle our hiring?

A: You could, but there’s no guarantee you’ll save money, and you won’t likely save time. Some parts of your business are worth seeking outside expertise; a staffing firm specializing in the type of position you are looking to fill is one of them.

Q: What happens when I no longer need the services of a temporary employee sourced through a staffing agency?

A: The advantage of using a staffing agency is that you have the ability to adjust your workforce as needed. Most staffing service arrangements are simple –  you can let them know you no longer need the temp employee’s services. But, many businesses find that some of their temp employees are valuable enough to hire on permanently.

Ready to hire a staffing service? Read these 5 Basic Tips for Working With a Staffing Firm.

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