How to Attract Candidates Who Will Become Long-Term Employees: Part I

Young woman hiring manager interviewing a potential long-term employee

You’re ready to hire. But, you really want to make sure that this time, you hire long-term employees. If only there was a way to be sure that you’d attract the right type of candidates…

There is! Retention starts with the recruiting process. Because there are so many great tips for the concept of hiring for retention, Celarity will be splitting this blog post into two parts. First up, our best advice for writing job descriptions; plus, alternate ways to find top candidates:

Writing jobs descriptions to attract potential long-term employees…

Focus on your “Why”

People buy ideas, opportunities, and inspiration – not products. You have to approach hiring in the same way. Tell people why they’ll love working for you! This idea goes beyond things like salary and benefits. In the job description (and in future interviews), tell candidates what their purpose will be if they join your team.

Simon Sinek (author, motivational speaker, and organizational consultant) said, “If you hire people just to do a job, they’ll work for your money. If you hire people who believe what you believe, they don’t need to be “managed” – they go above and beyond without telling them what to do or how to do it.” Right on, Simon!

Think about the long-term goals of your company

Too often, hiring managers get caught up with something they need to be done now. But, hiring managers shouldn’t be hiring just to fill a current need; they should be thinking about someone they can hire that will fulfill future needs as well. By focusing on the long-term goals of the company, they can better write a job description that will speak to the growth of the company – and the potential growth of the candidate.

Showcase your culture

Does your company or team have something that makes it unique or special? Don’t hide it from candidates! Candidates don’t just want great pay, benefits, or even purpose – they also want to fit in. Tell candidates what it’s like to work for you and be honest. If it’s quiet and everyone keeps their head-down, find a way to express that. If you have happy hours every Friday, say that! The goal is to find candidates who are great fits for you and for candidates to feel like your workplace is where they belong.

Other ways of finding candidates who will become long-term employees…

Leverage your networks

Haven’t been hitting those networking and learning events much since becoming a hiring manager? Well, it might be time to jump back into the pool (check out our Scoop Calendar here)! You may find you have less time to attend events. But, oftentimes, these events are some of the best places to find qualified candidates looking for new opportunities.

Plus, events are a great, low-pressure place to first meet people. You may find that potential candidates are more open and honest in scenarios like these. And, you can see how they interact with you and other people – a great indicator of how they may interact with managers and colleagues in the office.

Rely on referrals

Don’t forget about referrals! Referrals from your employees, clients, or other managers can be a goldmine for talented individuals who are looking for the right opportunity to grow professionally. Referrals are also proven to have better retention rates and be a better fit for the workplace culture.

Click here to read Part II where we’ll cover the topics of interviewing and making the hire!

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