2012 was a year of growth for the marketing, creative, and interactive job market.  As the unemployment rate steadily dropped this past year, the demand for staffing and recruiting rose. Most of this growth in demand is attributed to contract and contract-to-hire positions.

Each year, Staffing Industry Analysts* (SIA) releases a report with a plethora of data on the trends of the past few years and where the staffing industry is projected to go. The SIA report provides incredibly detailed data over the past three years and forecasts growth for several major marketing, creative and interactive positions. We’ve picked 4 prominent industry roles to report.

Marketing Manager
Marketing Managers develop marketing and promotional communications strategy and materials for a company or product, and ensures marketing programs align with public relations activities. They lead  long- and short-term marketing plans and budgets. Trends and forecasts are looking great for Marketing Managers, huge growth in the next 10 years and an increase in both employment and hourly wage.

    • Temp to total employment rate: .5%
    • 10-year growth forecast: 13.6%
    • Growth in employment: 1%
    • Growth in hourly wage: 2.2%

PR Manager
The PR Manager oversees the public relations strategy for company projects. They will manage the conception and delivery of campaigns and ensure they are effective and relevant to the targeted audience. PR Managers have a positive outlook for the future. This recent uptrend may have a lot to do with social media’s widespread growth.  With the highest forecasted 10-year growth and past growth, PR is doing well.

    • Temp to total employment rate: .1%
    • 10-year growth forecast: 16.4%
    • Growth in employment: 2.9%
    • Growth in hourly wage: 1.43%

Art Director
Art Directors oversee the artistic development of marketing and promotional pieces, including print, online, mobile, advertisements, collateral materials, and internal and external corporate publications.  Although AD’s growth in employment is down, the forecasted growth is strong as well as an uptrend in hourly wage.

    • Temp to total employment rate: .3%
    • 10-year growth forecast: 9%
    • Growth in employment: -8.9%
    • Growth in hourly wage: 2.56%

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designers create designs that engage, attract and sell. They develop images used in a variety of creative projects, including advertisements, brochures, corporate identity, packaging, presentations, websites, promotional displays and signage. Over ’08-’10 graphic design has had a negative trend, but all other fields point to a recovery especially in the 10-year forecast and hourly wage. This negative growth in employment may relate to the digital era and a decrease in demand for traditional graphic designers.

    • Temp to total employment rate: .8%
    • 10-year growth forecast: 13.4%
    • Growth in employment: -2.9%
    • Growth in hourly wage: 1.4%

Overall, the marketing and creative industry seems to be growing. While 2008-2010 shows a bit of a negative trend for some positions, considering the recession in ’09, this is expected. According to CareerBuilder, 26% of companies are planning to increase the number of full-time employees in the upcoming year. As for 2013, creative jobs as well as traditional marketing roles are all forecasted to grow which means more opportunities for both job seekers as well as employers to find their ideal employees.

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*Data is from SIA 2013 Staffing Occupational Markets Guidebook with most recent data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics and Staffing Industry Analysts.

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