Your Guide to the 2023 Leadership Trends

Let’s be real – leadership is not always a walk in the park. While leading others can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be far from simple. Stemming from years of unknowns and uncharted workplace happenings, it’s no surprise that some leaders are feeling mixed emotions heading into the year and are unsure what to expect around the likely leadership trends in the year ahead. 

So, what exactly can leaders expect this year? While it’s impossible to say with certainty, we sat down with our Chief People Officer and Certified Master Coach, Dina Simon, to share an insider’s perspective. With over 30 years of experience training leaders, Dina’s insights cover 2023 leadership trends, advice on professional growth, and helpful tips for newer leaders.

The Meaning of Leadership

While leadership means something different to everyone, for Dina, a leader is “someone that inspires you to be your best. They provide the right direction and support to ensure you meet your goals.” Dina adds: “My best leaders have been those who believed in my skills and capabilities, even if I didn’t believe in them myself.”

Ultimately, the concept of leadership boils down to supporting others, offering guidance when needed, and believing in the capabilities of those around you.

Leadership Trends for 2023

The trends that leaders may expect to see in 2023 are not likely to be a surprise. As Dina notes: “the trends that I’m seeing are topics that have always been out there – but there’s a new emphasis on the importance of them.”

Although the list is endless, the most prominent trends that Dina predicts leaders will experience in 2023 include:

  • Prioritizing DEI&B initiatives. “This is not new,” Dina explains, “but it is now a standard for ALL companies, not just those with large employee bases.” Initiatives like these won’t fade like trends tend to, and we expect 2023 will require additional resources and investments for a real impact to be seen.  
  • Mixing generational differences. Gen Z entering the workforce brings a whole new meaning to work, and leaders should be prepared to start conversations about team collaboration, expectations around career development, engagement, work-life balance, and more!
  • Offering flexibility. Whether it be work-life balance or scheduling, employees are looking to showcase their skills regardless of where and when they work.

Ultimately, Dina expects that 2023 leadership trends will focus on the need for leaders to listen to their direct reports and create space that is inclusive and inviting for all.

Human-Centered Support

While a new year brings new insights, this topic remains constant: employees need support from their leaders. Not only does support make employees feel more valued and understood, but it can also boost productivity.

Dina recommends focusing on the following steps as you support your employees in 2023.

  • Actively engage. Show your employees that you care by listening to them and building trust. Lead by example and ask genuine, open-ended questions often!
  • Focus on the whole person. Your employees are people with hopes and dreams, just like you! As a leader, it’s important that you understand your team’s goals, both personal and professional.
  • Be empathetic. Leading with empathy can help you develop better relationships with your reports and increase morale.
  • Offer your support. A recent study found that 80% of workers feel stress on the job, which can be reduced sufficiently with support from leadership.

Ultimately, employees are looking for human-centric leadership this year. As Dina says, “there is no greater time than now for leaders to get to know their people – truly know them, and ensure you are setting them up for success in their role.”

Leadership Training Resources

Whether you’re a new leader or have years of leadership experience, it can be difficult to succeed without proper training. Dina recommends utilizing online resources as a starting point for growing your leadership skills.

  • Find training opportunities outside of your organization. Whether it be an online webinar or course, growth opportunities are out there. 
  • Listen to podcasts. Simon Sinek’s “A Bit of Optimism” is not only helpful for tips and tricks, but it also leaves listeners feeling inspired to make positive changes. 
  • Read books. Dina recommends “Conversational Capacity” by Craig Weber and “The 6 Types of Working Genius” by Patrick Lencioni.
  • Watch YouTube videos. There are endless creators that share free and accessible information for leaders of all experience levels.

“It’s all about finding the content, using it in leadership team meetings, and implementing new ways to communicate as a higher-performing team,” says Dina.

Advice for newer leaders

Dina’s top tip for newer leaders is simple: have a mentor. Mentorship is beneficial for many reasons, including introducing you to new connections, providing guidance, and offering honest feedback.

As Dina notes, one of the greatest factors to consider when seeking out a mentor is to look for someone that has accomplished what you want to accomplish. “Go to development training, hire a coach, or find someone you look up to within your organization – and never stop learning.” 

Most importantly, remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone starts somewhere!

Key Takeaways Regarding 2023 Leadership Trends

The bottom line is that there’s no greater time than now to grow your leadership skills and set your team up for success. As a leader, it’s your job to show up for your team in the best way possible.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect leader. Mistakes will happen, and that’s okay! If you’re putting in the effort to grow and be there for your team, 2023 will be a great year. 

If you’re looking for additional training information, we’d love to help! We’re excited to announce Celarity’s new Leadership Development Series: Creating Happy Careers Begins with Successful Leaders. Learn more about the series and apply for the next cohort today!

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