17 Million People May Be onto Something.

Did you know that nearly 17 Million people in the US work in a contract role?


Contract employment is more common than you think; many large corporate marketing departments are composed of at least 30% of full-time consultants.


Contract positions can help advance your career objectives.


Contract opportunities can provide access to a new industry, skill set, network, and sometimes title level.

6+ months

Most contract positions are stable, long-term engagements (our most common contract duration is at least 6+ months and can last several years).


Unlike traditional employment, you have a personal "agent" to represent your needs and goals in your position.


As a contract employee, you get paid for all your time over 40 hours.

How do you know if contract employment is the right career choice for you?

We’ve got you covered, with answers to frequently asked questions:

What Are the Benefits of Working for Celarity?

We are a Glassdoor Best Place to Work! 

Celarity won a 2021 Glassdoor Best Places to Work Employees’ Choice Award. This award recognition allows us to continue gaining access to the best job opportunities and the best talent. Learn more about the award and what employees say about working at Celarity on our Glassdoor Best Place to Work (link to page) page.

Does Celarity Offer Benefits?

Yes, absolutely. 

Celarity's employees receive benefits including Medical/Vision, Dental, 401k, PTO, and access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Do I Have to Accept an Assignment That Celarity Presents to me?

No, not at all. 

We want to support your career and help you find the right opportunity that will fulfill you. The more we understand your career aspirations, the more we can identify the right roles for you. We also encourage candidates to keep their profile up to date with us (e.g., let us know if you take a web design course) as it could make a difference in finding you the right next opportunity.

Will I Be Paid a Salary or Paid Hourly?

Contract employees are paid hourly. 

Hourly pay benefits our contract employees as it makes them eligible for overtime pay, for all your time over 40 hours.

Still have questions? We’re here to help, send us an email and we’ll connect you with a recruiter.

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