Casey Machajewski

Recruiter | Marketing • Creative • Digital

There’s something of rhythmic flow to the way Celarity recruiter Casey Machajewski manages to keep all the balls in the air while he juggles his busy professional and personal life. But from a very young age, Casey learned to establish a routine using every organizational trick in the book to enhance his performance.

However, on occasion, Casey could be known to throw caution to the wind. He once dyed his hair neon green, thinking it would fade after a weekend. He was thrown for a loop when the color persistently remained vibrant for two weeks.

Casey tossed around the old pigskin at UW—La Crosse, but after earning his degree, a different path caught his eye.

Insurance stole the show for a time, and Casey flourished at two prominent companies in the industry. But after accepting a position as a recruiter at a global staffing agency, it was a whole new ball game. He moved his act to Celarity and applied his magic touch to recruiting for marketing, creative and digital spaces.

When Casey isn’t working, you’ll find him clowning around on the volleyball court or coordinating a football game with friends. And if those activities don’t do the trick, there’s always his self-taught hobby of juggling. In Casey’s world, that’s just the way the ball bounces.

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