Staffing & Recruiting Case Studies

Every year, clients from small to midsized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, agencies and non-profit organizations work with Celarity. Many are unsure of their exact needs. Celarity works with these clients to help sort out their needs. Nothing better illustrates this than their true stories:

Complex Problem. Simple Solution.

A local healthcare company was going through a series of layoffs in which they were restructuring and retooling, and they were also planning on rebuilding their marketing and creative departments. The HR department was over-capacity dealing with other departments and layoffs.

The client reached out to Celarity looking to fill eight contract-to-hire positions to join their team and make up for the recent layoffs. After establishing the specifics for each position, Celarity recruiters scoured our talent database and found just the people our client was looking for. All of the candidates we presented to them were in the healthcare field and were ready to hop onto the project!

Not only did we fill the positions in a timely and accurate manner, this type of project also allowed our client to “test out” the employees before bringing them on full time. In the end, of the eight positions we filled, seven people were offered positions and converted to full-time employees. In this unique situation, Celarity was able to provide qualified talent quickly while allowing the client flexibility with their budget and staff. We solved a short-term problem with a long-term solution.

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Overwhelming Workload. Instant Relief.

When one of our clients, a local Minneapolis agency, realized they were short-staffed with crucial client deadlines looming and no HR department to do the recruiting, what did they do? They turned to Celarity to ramp up their team as quickly as possible. As a smaller agency, the client had no designated recruiter on staff to find them the talent they needed in a timely manner. As Minnesota’s longest-standing marketing, creative and interactive staffing firm, Celarity had the recruiters on staff with the knowledge and expertise to help them meet their deadlines.

One of Celarity’s Certified Staffing Professionals spoke with the client about their immediate needs and determined exactly what they needed to meet their upcoming deadline. Within a few days, Celarity delivered on our guarantee to create the best match possible. We presented the qualified talent our client was looking for within a short time frame to accommodate the growing needs of the agency. The client got the expert help they were looking for without time-consuming interviewing, hiring and training.

Celarity continues to work with this agency based on this experience, and we have filled numerous contract and direct hires for them since their first experience working with us.

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New Product. New Team.

What do you do when you have a huge product launch in a few months and no marketing and creative talent to produce it and outsourcing the project isn’t an option? You call Celarity! A local consumer packaged goods company was preparing for a large product launch and needed the proper marketing and creative department to make it happen; but outsourcing to an agency wasn’t within their budget.

After meeting with the hiring managers to establish the client’s needs, we determined that we needed to find a copywriter, art director, project manager, designer and social media manager. Sounds impossible, right? But with our long-standing ties to the Minneapolis marketing and creative community, we reached out to the top creatives we knew and quickly assembled a team and presented them to the client.

Within a few short weeks, Celarity’s “mini-agency” was up and running for the client, ready to launch the product. Over the course of six months our employees acted as the client’s own internal agency and did a fantastic job.

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