What is a Technical Writer?

Similar Job Titles:

Content Writer, Copywriter, Document Specialist, Instructional Designer

Technical Writers create clear, concise, and accurate documentation that makes complex information easy to understand for technical and non-technical audiences. 

What does a Technical Writer do, typically?

Develops Documents 

Technical writers create and maintain user manuals, installation guides, help documents, and FAQs for technical products, ensuring content is accurate, comprehensive, and accessible.

Manages Content

Technical Writers organize and manage existing documentation, ensuring all materials are up-to-date, version-controlled, and easily accessible to internal stakeholders and end-users.

Researches Technical Requirements

Technical Writers collaborate with product managers, engineers, and developers to gain an in-depth understanding of products and their technical requirements for documentation purposes.

A Technical Writer is not:

An Editor

Editors review and revise content for publication, focusing on improving the text’s clarity, accuracy, and quality. They may work with various types of content, including technical documents, novels, and articles. While Technical Writers create content, Editors refine and polish it, ensuring it meets publication standards and is free from errors.

A User Experience (UX) Writer

UX Writers specialize in crafting the textual content that users interact with in software applications and websites, such as button labels, menu items, and help messages. Their work focuses on enhancing user experience through clear and concise language. Unlike Technical Writers, UX Writers concentrate on microcopy that guides and enhances the user’s interaction with digital products.

Important Metrics for a Technical Writer

Technical Writers are commonly evaluated based on a mix of topics that assess the quality of their work and their efficiency in producing documentation. Simplified, standard metrics cover:

  • Accuracy and Clarity of Documentation
  • Timeliness and Project Management
  • User Engagement and Feedback
  • Compliance and Documentation Standards

Technical Writer Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for a Technical Writer:

  • 25th Percentile $51.9K
  • Average $71.6K
  • 75th Percentile $85.9K

Technical Writer Job Description

Bonus copy for your Technical Writer job description or job ad!

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As a Technical Writer at <Company XXX>, you’ll get to showcase your expertise by translating complex technical information into clear, concise, and easy-to-understand documentation.

More specifically, you’ll get to:

  • Develop and maintain technical documents including user manuals, installation guides, help files, and FAQs, ensuring they are accurate, comprehensive, and accessible.
  • Organize and update technical documentation libraries, ensuring all documents are current and version-controlled.
  • Work closely with engineering, product management, and support teams to gather necessary technical details for documentation.
  • Review and revise technical documents for clarity, grammar, and accuracy. 
  • Ensure technical verbiage is understandable by the target audience.
  • Collect and incorporate user feedback to improve documentation usability and effectiveness.
  • Assist in developing documentation strategies that align with product roadmaps and company goals, including identifying new documentation needs.
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