Abby Acker

Senior Client Experience Manager | Marketing • Creative • Digital

Abby Acker, our Sr. Client Experience Manager at Celarity, knows a thing or two about life's curveballs. Like that time her sisters jokingly tried to "sell" her for 10 cents on the side of the road. Spoiler: it didn't work out. But hey, it taught Abby that there's a spot for everyone, no matter the situation.

Life's been an adventure for Abby. She kicked things off working at a retirement home before heading to UW—Eau Claire. There, she dove into Spanish and Communications, getting the best of both worlds.

Abby's a go-getter. She climbed her way up the ladder at a staffing agency, snagging the title of Director of Recruitment. But she's not all work and no play. She started a LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, making sure everyone felt right at home. Now, over at Celarity, Abby's got a knack for connecting with clients. It's kind of her thing.

On the personal side, Abby, her partner Ashley, and their cool cat Butter just moved into a new place. When she's not working, Abby's out playing sports, fishing, or just trying out new stuff. We think she's pretty awesome, and we're lucky to have her around.

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