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Ashlee Walstad

Senior Recruiter

When you see the results Ashlee Walstad produces as a Senior Recruiter, it’s immediately apparent that this isn’t her first rodeo. While she wasn’t born in a barn, growing up on a hobby farm in Orono, MN, she was definitely raised in one. And after a childhood spent showing Quarter Horses and caring for sheep, goats, pigs, cats, dogs, ducks and rabbits, it seemed almost inconceivable that this little filly would become a desk jockey. But Ashlee was no one-trick pony. 

After high school, she trotted off to North Dakota State University but changed tacks when a grocery store chain offered her a full-time position as a Recruiting and Training Coordinator. That position gave her a leg up when she moved to Minnesota, where she was a cinch for the position of Senior Recruiter for a bus company. Her career took off at a gallop when she followed that job in the role of a Technical Recruiter for a staffing firm. Reining in all her skill and talent in that position, Ashlee was named top permanent placement biller in 2020.

Ashlee was named top permanent placement biller in 2020.

Nowhere near ready to be put out to pasture, Ashlee saddled up and joined the Celarity team, whereas a staffing thoroughbred, she recruits marketing professionals for clients. 

These days, when Ashlee’s not ponying up for another tattoo (she has 22 of them) she and her wife enjoy some serious horseplay with their two cats in their new home.

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