Beth Resch

Marketing Content Specialist

A close-up look at Celarity Marketing Content Specialist, Beth Resch, presents a portrait of a person who is candid, direct and never negative

Having had exposure to seven pet Guinea pigs and being a life-long competitive dancer, as a child, Beth focused on becoming a veterinarian or dance teacher. But when she realized a tendency toward queasiness made becoming a vet a long shot and a career in teaching didn’t click, her perspective changed. 

With her altered point of view, she took action, first making the scene at the U of M, where she received rave reviews in high-level math and science courses. But after freshmen year, she flipped the script, transferring to MCTC, zooming in on the cinema division, and earning her AS in Cinematography. 

Afterward, multiple employers rolled out the red carpet for Beth. Quick as flash she was working as a video production assistant, creative producer, and freelance cinematographer/photographer. 

Beth is shooting for the stars and launching her own photography business. 

Now at Celarity part-time, Beth takes the lead in marketing photography, creating promotional videos, and making the company’s social media a cut above the rest. Outside of work, Beth is shooting for the stars and launching her own photography business. 

For a change of scenery, Beth volunteers, hikes, goes rock climbing, and dances with her boyfriend, Vittia. They also play with their bunnies, Poppet, and Mickey, who cast a spell on them when they adopted them two years ago.

Meanwhile, the folks at Celarity are giving props to Beth. Clearly, she’s a credit to her profession.

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