Connor Duffy

Manager, Client Experience | Marketing • Creative • Digital

Four years ago, Connor Duffy, Celarity’s Manager, Client Experience, packed up his U of M degree and moved from his Minnesota home to a land he’d once heard of in a lullaby—NYC. (There were rumors of bluebirds and lemon drops there, too, so you can understand the appeal!) Like a cyclone, Connor blew into town and, with virtually no contacts, managed to forge his own market share within the tech recruitment industry.

Life seemed magical for a time, but then a dear family member’s accident changed everything. With brains, heart, and courage, Connor lent all his support. A house didn’t have to fall on him for him to see that life is short and the little moments matter most.

For Connor, the most important life lessons emerged from paradoxes. Leave home to find there’s no place like it; make new friends only to realize how much you miss the old; pursue your heart’s desire, then see you didn’t really need to look any further than your own back yard to find it. Also, if your mother calls you “Con-Con” long enough, it’ll grow on you. The choice to return home to Minnesota was easy.

Doesn't like the taste of Chocolate!

Now at Celarity, Connor applies that wisdom and experience to prospecting for new clients and ensuring client partnerships are enduring and satisfying. In fact, he’s earned quite a reputation. As one client said recently, “Just like the great Wizard of Oz, we hear he’s a whiz of a whiz if ever a whiz there was.”


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