Doug Phipps

Financial Consultant

Everything I need to know, I learned in the first grade,” says Doug Phipps, reflecting on the prodigious talent and foresight he possessed at such a tender age.

He applied this talent to win a finger painting contest in the second grade for which his talents and passion for art were publicly recognized. Doug eventually set foot toward distant horizons, but first, he had to get through grade school.

Doug spent his formative years in California and was inspired to join the Navy. He garnered a bit more life experience and education and decided to travel back to his home state of Minnesota to apply his talent and pursue further education. He studied finance and accounting, which he would put to use years later. Doug's career path veered in a different direction; attracted to the creative field, he enjoyed a successful career in advertising for 35 years, eventually transitioning to co-owner of Celarity with wife and business partner Marlene.

No longer a finger painter, Doug fills his days with work and time spent with his wife, three daughters, two stepsons and ten grandchildren. He enjoys boating on the St. Croix and as an Apple Computer certified technician, he likes to stay plugged into the latest Macintosh technology. Earning his pilots license was a most rewarding achievement, proving that despite the years passed since his grammar school triumph, his vision is still focused on new horizons.

*Certified Staffing Professional (CSP)
*Apple Certified Help Desk (ACHD)

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