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Jessica Spanier

Lead Recruiter

Even if Celarity Lead Recruiter, Jessica Spanier, didn’t realize her childhood ambition of becoming a physician, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t spent plenty of time doing her part to heal the world. Recognizing that what you don’t know can actually hurt you, the St. Paul native first treated herself to an education at the University of St. Thomas and a semester studying abroad at University College of London.

Working hard – because she knew failure would be a bitter pill to swallow– Jessica earned her BA in Human Resources and Business Communications. Knowing the best medicine for a suffering society was to give of herself, Jessica also volunteered for a mission trip to Dominican Republic, where she distributed food for the non-profit, Feed My Starving Children.

Can stand on her head for 5+ minutes at a time

Always susceptible to good causes, Jessica nursed her career along as a Human Resource Intern at an educational software program and a social work staffing agency before joining the team at Celarity. Now, when she isn’t patiently sourcing candidates and giving first (and second) opinions on applications, Jessica’s prescription for happiness is traveling, yoga, and a bowl (or two) of ice cream.  

With her contagious positivity, healthy attitude, and infectious kindness, the diagnosis from the Celarity staff and creatives is conclusive…Jessica is just what the doctor ordered.

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