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Katie Larson

Recruiting Manager

Though she doesn’t actually wear her ballet shoes to the office,  Recruiting Manager Katie Larson, probably would if she could. After all, the Minnesota native virtually leapt into life, and eventually dance, with unbridled enthusiasm and pointed toes. Never content to remain in the chorus, Katie always took the lead, whether it came to dance, water sports or playing her violin. (Legend has it she’s so skilled at gracefully multi-tasking she once pirouetted on a running jet ski while playing “Turkey in the Straw” on her fiddle-she’s that talented.) The truth is, Katie has choreographed her whole life for success.

From her first job as an accomplished sandwich artist at 16 to her work as a camp counselor while in college, Katie waltzed through challenges with determination and motivation.

Owns an unlimited pass to the Minnesota Zoo where she frequently visits the penguins

With a BS degree from the University of Minnesota, Katie managed to tap dance her way to the top as a sales representative and recruiter at some of the metro area’s most respected organizations.

In her down time, Katie entertains the idea of cloning herself (or at least creating her own dance troupe), and is well on her way to achieving those goals with husband Andrew. Hence, their two daughters, Clara and Audrey. But whether she’s building relationships with local businesses or helping creatives achieve their career goals, the team at Celarity can’t help but applaud and proclaim, “Bravo!”

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