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Robert Arnold

Managing Partner

A little birdie told me that Celarity’s Managing Partner, Robert Arnold, has always been a ball of fire when it comes to ambition.

As a child, he’d pinned his hopes on becoming a vet, then had a rough idea he’d like to become a pharmacist, and eventually discovered the drive to pursue a business career. (Secretly, he would have liked to have bagged a career as a PGA tour golfer, but that dream remained out of bounds.)

He got the green light to attend the College of St. Thomas, widely regarded as an above-par school in the Midwest. Swinging into high gear, he studied Entrepreneurship and Business Communications, areas that would prove to be his ace in the hole when it came time to launch his career.

Robert wasn’t playing around after college but stayed the course, starting his career with a global staffing company as a recruiter before joining the club at Celarity. After working as a recruiter and an account manager, he had the business down to a tee, so it was a stroke of genius to transition him into a Managing Partner. Since then, Celarity has become quite a draw, more than tripling in size while being recognized nationally as one of Glassdoor’s top places to work! No matter how you slice it, Robert’s grip on things has made Celarity a company on top of the leaderboard.

When Robert takes a break from work, he enjoys spontaneous weekend adventures with his wife and three kids, attending Loon’s games, traveling, and of course, golfing. While Robert might not have made it to the PGA tour, he’s undoubtedly managed to “putt” Celarity on the map as a whole-in-one workplace!

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