Justin Smith

Associate Recruiter | Marketing • Creative • Digital

If you asked Celarity’s Sourcing Specialist, Justin Smith, how life is these days, he’d probably tell you he’s flying high. Really, the only turbulent time in his life was in the second grade when he got third place in a spelling bee for spelling “twinkly” instead of “twinkle.” Since then, things have been looking up.

Never one to have his head in the clouds, Justin launched his professional career with his first job at a pizza joint where he washed dishes, answered the phone, and even made pizzas when he got clearance from his boss. After high school, Justin took off for North Central University in Minneapolis, where he glided through his coursework, earning a BS in Marketing.

One of his favorite hobbies is to assemble & build computers!

Upon landing at an internationally renowned retail company after graduation, Justin ascended to the lofty position of Human Resources Expert. His career climbed to new heights as he worked to screen, hire, and onboard 140+ seasonal workers in just two short months.

These days at Celarity, when Justin isn’t navigating his way through the process of sourcing potential talent, he’s jetting off to exotic destinations, hovering over his seven pet reptiles, or pursuing his dream of soaring off into the wild blue yonder once he acquires his pilot’s license. And while some of his co-workers and creatives prefer to keep their feet on this earthly plane, they’re still all quite happy that Justin touched down at Celarity.

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