Kimberly Brown-Gordon

Lead Recruiter

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To fully appreciate Kimberly Brown-Gordon's history, one must travel back in time to the days when the Celarity a Lead Recruiter grew up in Osseo, Wisconsin. Straying off the beaten path at a young age, the fiery redhead chose to sport a bowl cut while wearing her brother’s old football cleats to school most days during the first grade. The basketball-playing, pep-rally-leading, alto-sax-playing youngster aspired to become a healer when she grew up, but her cause seemed doomed as the specter of years of schooling paled in comparison to traveling and having fun instead. Rather, she journeyed to the University of Wisconsin-Stout where General Business Administration and Spanish captured her interest and led to her earning her BS degree.

Loves to travel and has lived abroad + visited more than 8 countries

What followed was a series of outlandish adventures at a home management company and two universities where Kimberly cast a spell of enchantment over her co-workers with her skillful management style, yet always felt a bit like a foreigner. Upon arriving at Celarity, Kimberly immediately felt at home, almost as if she’d been transported to a place where she could use her skills to change history for Twin Cities’ employers by matching them with the area’s top talent.

While she sometimes yearns to return to a life of adventure travelling abroad to places like Italy, Greece, Iceland, Scotland and Bali. She’s content to stay put for now, care for her 5-year-old son, Preston, and her husband, Jaymes, and nurse her interests in live music, dark chocolate, red wine, crime dramas, and historical fiction.

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