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As a 16-year-old supermarket bagboy, Celarity Recruiter, Shane Rink spent endless hours envisioning himself as a “bad guy” professional wrestler in the WWE. So what if that never happened? So what if the closest he came to his dream was grappling with a microphone at a standup comedy gig? Shane was no quitter. He would carry on! 

In fact, the plucky Hastings native was relentless in his pursuit of his BA from Rasmussen College. He followed that victory by working tirelessly with students for thirteen years, advising them on how to persevere toward their own career goals.

Nevertheless, Shane persists...Because some people just don’t know how to quit.

Shane’s amazing 13-year-old daughter, Robbi, knows firsthand the tenacity with which her dad lives his life—Shane’s grit when mountain biking, his doggedness when it comes to gardening, his resolve to win the card games they play, even his determination to make the best darn homemade sauerkraut anyone has ever tasted. 

Sure, there are times when Shane’s brand of dedication can be exhausting. Like when he completed the Twin Cities Marathon. Or when he insists that he cannot see a film in a movie theater without a giant Cherry Coke. Or when he uncomplainingly endures the stifling summer heat and blistering winter cold that comes with living in Minnesota. 

Nevertheless, Shane persists. 

It’s the reason why the Celarity job candidates Shane assists in finding their path to a happy career remain his biggest fans. Because some people just don’t know how to quit.

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