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First, we’ll get to know your team and values. From there, we cultivate an understanding of how this role will impact your company. Then, we get to work. We build out an innovative marketing campaign and start cold-calling. On average, we will connect with over 400 targeted candidates. Next, we filter that list through phone screens and interviews. Finally, we present you a short list of 2-4 candidates.

We will help you through the interview process and close the candidate you like best. When you make a hire, we protect your decision with our 5-year guarantee.


Positions we fill.

  • Account / Project Management Recruiting Account / Project Management
  • Content Recruiting Content
  • Design Recruiting Design
  • Development Recruiting Development
  • Executive Recruiting Executive
  • Marketing Recruiting Marketing
  • Motion / Video Recruiting Motion / Video
  • Studio Production Recruiting Studio Production
  • UI / UX Recruiting UI / UX

Looking to hire one of these positions?

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Looking to hire one of these positions?

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How the process works.

  • 1


    We help your business succeed by first understanding your goals. We'll have an in-depth meeting with you about your company, the role, and your values. This ensures that we know exactly who you need.

  • 2

    Team Search

    Our entire team gathers and forms a search strategy for your need. A team of recruiters working for you means fast results.

  • 3

    Rigorous Screening

    We do all the phone-screening, interviewing face-to-face, testing and references checking. Our talent is interested and is a fit for your specific opportunity. You can make a confident choice and get to work.

  • 4

    Follow Up

    After you hire our candidate, we check-in regularly with you to ensure that the work is going well. You’ll get peace of mind with our 5-year replacement guarantee.

What you get.


Exclusive Resources

Our proprietary 45k+ database with a team of Sourcing Specialists and Recruiters. They use a custom, tech-savvy but relationship-focused approach to reaching talent.


Faster Hiring

A hiring process that’s 50% faster than average. Celarity’s average time-to-offer is 20 days, compared to the national average of 42 days.

Hiring Tools

An assessment tool that will help you define the Work Style best for your team. Plus, custom interview questions to help you hire candidates that match your values.

Competitive Insights

Insights we’ve gathered from the talent that works at your competitors’ workplace, including salary guidance.

Passive Market Access

Access to 70% of the candidate market that is passive and not applying to job postings.

Expert Consultation

Expert consultation at any time to help you define roles and team needs.

How our contingent search fees work.


You only pay a fee when you hire one of our candidates

Calculate our fee by multiplying 20-30% by the first year earnings of the candidate

Depending on the complexity of the search, we may ask for an engagement fee to start

Factors affecting the contingent search fee.

Exclusivity of the search (Are we the only agency working on your role?)

Flexible search requirements such as skill/experience/location

The volume of positions to fill

The difficulty of the search (based on market conditions, skillset availability, and more)

Case Study

Company Size:
Small-mid (100+ employees)

Consumer Goods

Great Minneapolis, St. Paul Area

The company was recently purchased. The new owner was looking to bring the company into the digital era. They needed to find an experienced digital manager who could help them build and lead a new team.

The Story:
The owner wanted to have a stronger digital presence in the consumer goods industry. The problem was, they didn’t have anyone to build or lead a new digital team. They needed to find a qualified, digital manager. Not having much luck on their own, they reached out to Celarity for help.

Celarity met with the company's president to strategize for targeting the right candidates. What industries, companies, and competitors should they target in their search? Celarity helped this client understand the local market of talent. They even helped them decide on a new office location to attract the top talent in the area. Celarity then reached out to 100s of prospects and qualified and met with 9 candidates. Of those 9 candidates, they sent 5 onto the client who chose to interview 4 of them!

Within 60 days they hired a digital manager, and a consultant. Since then, the company has been able to build their digital team to 11. Now they are launching new products and competing in a whole new way. They went on to hire on 11 more candidates brought to them by Celarity over the last 3 years. Ninety percent of those employees still work for the company today.


After 100s of targeted reach outs, Celarity qualified and met with 9 candidates. They passed 5 of those candidates onto the client who then interviewed 4 of them. In the end, the client hired 2 new employees - a digital director and a consultant. Both within 60 days of their first call with Celarity.

Type of Celarity Service Used:

Recruiting (Permanent Placement)


Celarity has placed 11 more candidates with this client over the last 3 years.

90% of the employees placed by Celarity still work for the company today.

The client has built up the digital side of their business with a fully-staffed team. They are seeing Year Over Year double-digit company growth.

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